Lead Generation

Lead Generation Programs

There are many highly effective low-cost ways to generate new opportunities.  This includes lead generation programs targeted to a worksite neighborhood, your own list of customers and prospects, or to an entire community.

Let neighbors know that you are working in their neighborhood

  • lead generationSite signs
  • Door hanger cards
  • Mailbox inserts
  • Letter or postcard mailings targeted to job site neighbors.
  • Brochure boxes attached to your site sign with flyers describing your services

Keep in touch with prospects and past customers

Lead gen 2 - CopyThese marketing activities can help promote repeat business, referrals from past customers, and keep you in the mind of potential customers.

  • Email newsletters

  • Reminder emails, postcards,  and letters for annual maintenance service, or seasonal needs
  • New services, and staff addition  announcements
  • Company Blog or Face book page
  • Holiday greetings

Additional Services