About Marketing for Contractors

About Marketing for Contractors

shutterstock_70342135Marketing for Contractors specializes in helping small- to medium-size local area contractors and trades people  including home and commercial remodeling companies, plumbers, electricians, roofers, landscapers, and masons.  Our goal is to help you gain greater visibility, stand out from their competition, and win more business.

Our clients market their services directly to residential customers as well as subcontract their services to residential and commercial contractors.

Marketing for Contractors can work with you on a project basis or help you develop an overall marketing plan tailored to your business objectives and budget. No job is too big or too small. We can:


  • Create or update and maintain your website.
  • Put into words what is unique about your company and the services you provide.
  • Assure your company is found where people search for your services on the internet.
  • Attract new prospects with marketing programs targeted to a worksite neighborhood, your in-house list of customers and prospects, or to an entire community.
  • Help you nurture references and referrals.
  • Additional services include business cards and stationary, photography, signage, and more.

We are glad to meet with you to discuss your needs, offer recommendations, and  answer any questions you have. No charge. No obligation.

 A Word About Marketing

shutterstock_73618966Marketing is everything you do that that creates awareness, interest, and an opinion about your company. This includes your online presence, site signs, business cards, bids, the appearance of your employees and vehicles, how you maintain your job site, punctuality, and all verbal and written communication with your customers and prospects. Some of the most effective marketing tips we will share with you don’t cost a cent.

Locations Served

Located in Arlington Massachusetts, Marketing for Contractors focuses on serving the marketing needs of contractors within a 50 mile radius. This covers an area from Metro Boston to Worcester MA, Nashua, NH, and Providence, RI.

While we can serve the needs of “long distance” clients via phone, e-mail, and internet, we prefer to work directly with our with clients, get to know them, and develop a deep understanding about their business and their goals.  We strive to capture what is unique about you and your company and how best to help you grow your business.

How Much Does it Cost?

money-house-copy - CopyThe hourly rate we use as the basis for quoting projects is probably less than what you charge your customers. That’s because we have less overhead.  No trucks, expensive equipment, etc. Our primary tools are words, computers, and the internet.

Our business model is based on providing quality services at a reasonable cost.  We don’t mark up deliverables such as brochures, business cards, and stationary.  You pay only for our time, typically based on a fixed bid that details costs and deliverables. A project is not done until you are completely satisfied.

Alternatives to Marketing for Contractors

  • Full service agencies such as advertising agencies are capable of providing broad-based services, but are staffed and geared to work with larger companies and on higher budget projects.  Costs of services are typically not even in the ballpark of a small business.  Equally important, they are unlikely to have any real knowledge of your business.

~        High hourly rates because of high overhead.
~        Prefer retainer-based business over project based business.
~        All material costs are traditionally marked up at least 15% to 20%.
~        No knowledge of the trades.

  • Specialized service providers typically have expertise in only one area. For example, a website design company may be able to deliver a great looking website, but probably can’t help with writing persuasive copy, or any non-web related marketing needs.  And, they are also unlikely to have any specific knowledge of your business.
  • Your cousin’s friend who does it on the side and will do it real cheap. There’ a 50-50 chance you already tried this route and learned the hard way.
  • Doing nothing.  You can’t grow your business if prospects don’t know how to find you and why they should do business with you