About Mark Sandman

About Mark Sandman

IMG_0399Mark Sandman, owner of Marketing for Contractors, learned his skills marketing the products and services of companies ranging in size from a handful of employees to fortune 100 companies. This included hands-on responsibility for :

  • Researching and writing marketing plans
  • Writing and managing the production of websites and printed materials ranging from business cards and letterhead to brochures, flyers, sales guides, and press releases
  • Writing and managing postal, e-mail, telemarketing and online lead generation programs
  • Writing and producing sales presentations and video presentations.
  • Conducting training in marketing fundamentals
  • Analyzing marketing programs and creating reports to measure and improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Interest in Contractor Marketing

contractorMark has changed residences several times over the years, as his family has grown, and needs have changed.  Always preferring the character of older homes, each move required finding and hiring competent contractors and trades people for projects large and small including major additions, kitchen and bath remodeling, electrical work, roofing, plumbing, heating systems, masonry work and more.

As an experienced marketer, he was interested in learning about and observing how contractors he met sold their services.  This included everything from face-to-face contact, how bids were submitted, work site practices, literature, and websites.

While a few contractors really stood out for their presentation and marketing skills (as well as the quality of their work) many either didn’t have the time, inclination, or knowledge to effectively market their services. Their marketing efforts often consisted of no more than leaving a hand written quote in the mailbox.

The question that few contractors were able to answer was: Why should I choose you rather than your competitor?  Decisions are rarely made solely on the basis of cost. If you can’t differentiate your services from other companies, you are competing on price alone.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Bullseye Over the years, Mark has worked on a number of volunteer projects applying his skills in writing, website design, the production of printed materials, email newsletters, and more.  What he learned from these efforts was that a lot could be accomplished with a modest budget. An affordable, well conceived website, brochure, or mailing program could be as effective or even more effective than a big budget effort if done right.

The Beginnings of Marketing for Contractors

MfC Logo Color 300 dpi - No lineMotivated by the desire to start his own company, he recognized that the contractor marketplace was underserved and provided the ideal opportunity to apply the experience and skills gained while working with large companies, with the cost effective marketing techniques learned while working on freelance and volunteer projects for small and non-profit companies. The result was the formation of Marketing for Contractors.

To learn more about Mark Sandman,  see his profile and recommendations at www.linkedin.com/in/marksandman/