Printed Materials

Printed Materials

Producing high quality printed materials in relatively small quantities (100s versus 1000s) used to be cost prohibitive for a typical contractor.  Digital technology has changed all that making high quality small quantity printing very affordable.

Promotional Flyers Brochure Printing Services

Marketing for Contractors can develop a full-color marketing flyer describing your company and services to send to or leave with customers and prospects.

BizcardBusiness Cards and Stationary

We can design and produce logos, and matching business cards, stationary, and envelopes.

Form Letters and E-Mail Correspondence

Marketing for Contractors can develop highly-effective form letters and email correspondence that you can easily access and personalize on your own computer:

  • Proposal/quote cover letters.
  • Follow-up letters or email to encourage recommendations from satisfied clients
  • Follow up letters or email to keep you in the mind of prospects and customers

Door Hanger2Marketing for Contractors Can Also Assist You With

  • Site signage
  • Door hangers
  • Truck and vehicle signage
  • On-site photography and pictures of you, your staff and vehicles.

More About Printed Materials

  • Marketing for Contractors will handle all aspects of design and printing
  • You will be billed for cost of printing –no markups
  • Brochure, business cards, and stationary will be designed for moderate cost, small quantity using services such as Staples or an online service such as Vistaprint.
  • Our services will always be available to reorder and update printed materials. You will be provided with copies of the files for all print projects and instructions for reordering if you want to order directly

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